Guides to the Wonderful World of Hosting

G’day and welcome to our web hosting guides. First thing I want to say is thanks for stopping by and we realize that there is a LOT of information on this page. So hold onto your hats and let me explain the best way to use this!

The top part of this page are our recommended guides. These will help you find top web hosts that we think are a great choice for anyone looking to get new hosting or upgrade.

Below that are a long list of the hosts we DON’T recommend.

At any point in this process if you feel like you don’t understand or want some more detailed information hit the contact tab on the top and I’ll be happy to answer your questions individually. Due to the volume of emails please give me a few days to get through them! Thanks!

Recommended Hosts We Love ♥

Siteground ★★★★★ – SG is our top host for the last two years and has continued to impress us with their undying commitment to quality support and hosting.

A2 Hosting ★★★★ – Another strong contender for the title of best hosting in the land. A2 is a quality host that offers some great packages for a decent price.

Blue Host ★★★ – Blue Host has been around as long as the Internet has had memes (what a lame joke). Anyways, they are old and they offer quality hosting and value prices. Read our guide to find our which plan is the best for you.

HostGator ★★★ – HG is another recommended choice for web hosting, although they aren’t the best per say. Read our review to find out the truth behind their pricing.

Recommended Articles to Become a WordPress And Blogger Wizard

How to Start a Blog (Complete Kickass Guide) – Everything you need to know about starting a blog. I’ll literally hold your hand and walk you through each step of the processes setting up your own site with pictures for each step of the way. 🙂

8 Steps to Structure Your Blog – There are some important steps to planning a successful blog and making it thrive. We covered some of the biggest elements to doing this and provide you with a framework to create your own site.

22 Ways to Keep Your Website Safe – Hacker, hackers and more hackers. These bad guys are trying to get into your WP sites night and day. This post covers 22 easy to implement ways to stop them.

Our Top Email Marketing Tools – We’ve used almost every email marketing tool out there and in this post we cover which ones are our favorite.

What are the Different Kinds of Hosting – Knowing the different hosting plans is essential to picking one that fits your needs and goals.

Top Hosts in New Zealand – This article is for all our New Zealand people. It compared the top hosts in NZ and shares our top choices.

Best Website Builders – Website builders are becoming more and more popular. They allow users to use a really easy to use and intuitive drag and drop editor. We focused on the easiest editors to use in this post.

Best Hosting in Singapore – We wrote this review for our friends over in Singapore as we’ve dealt with a few businesses that are there. This post is gonna help you compare the different Singaporean hosts and find one that offers great value for the money.

Top Indian Hosts – We might be the best in Australia at web hosting reviews, but that doesn’t mean we can’t take a gander at the Indian market does it!

Best VPNs - We went through the top 15 VPN providers around the world to try to find the best one for the job.

How to Start an Online Business - For those considering how to start a business online and want to know this is the guide for you.

SSL - What is SSL and why you need to know how to set it up effectively.

Hosting Plan Specific Reviews

We realize that some people like to search by categories of hosting or the different types. We got you guys covered! We’ve gone through some of our top hosts for each area and shared some of our data over the last few years to give you a better idea of which to choose.

WordPress Hosts – WP or WordPress is one of the easiest to use hosting platforms or Content Management Systems (CMS for short).  These are ubiquitous in the hosting world and offer an astonishing amount of flexibility. WP might be challenging to use at first but it’s extremely easy to learn.

VPS Hosts – Virtual Private Servers are a more advanced hosting option that is good for people looking to setup multiple websites or run web based applications online.

Ecommerce Hosts – Whether you’re starting a Shopify website or your own Ecom brand, our review covers some of the top choices out there based on our experience of setting up more than 15+ Ecommerce websites.

Cheap Hosts – When it comes to cheap hosting there is a lot of garbage out there. You’ll want to stay away from the truly terrible when it comes to cheap hosting and look for deals on premium hosts. Our guide will help you do just that.

Small Business Hosts – SMEs require websites that promote a professional image of the business they represent. You can’t afford to have a potential client visit your website and find it’s not functioning or too slow. Picking the right host will help you avoid that problem

Drupal Hosting – Drupal is another CMS, like WordPress it offers a suite of options and functionality that are fairly easy to use. This guide helps you find hosts that are tailored for Drupal-based websites.

Email Hosts – Email hosts are great for businesses that just want to have top of the line email services for their employees or themselves. We reviewed the top 4 guys in the space and focused on security and privacy.

Cloud Hosting – Similar to a VPS, a cloud host allows you to operate everything online without having to do much on the server side. Take a look at our post covering which ones are the best.

2nd Tier Good but Not Great Hosts

HostPapa – Not bad, but it’d definitely say Host Papa has really fallen behind in the last few years. They were one of the original web hosting companies but we can’t recommend them now with any reliability.

InMotion Hosting (Coming Soon) – Although a quality host in many regards, In Motion is very average at best and doesn’t meet any of the high standards we put forth for our recommended hosts.

iPage Hosting – I used to love iPage until they started overwhelming their servers with way too many shared hosting accounts and their service and quality really dropped.

DreamHost – Dreamhost promotes itself as a high end web hosting solution, however, I would say that you can get the same quality hosting packages for a fraction of the price from SG.

Host We Cannot Recommend – Aka – Our “Stay Away From” Hosts

You’ve been warned and yes I do realize that 90% of these are Australian. Data doesn’t lie.

Web City – High prices, low uptimes and bad service. We can’t recommend these guys.

Crucial Hosting (Coming Soon) – Lacklusting everything. Crucial is an older company that is basically reselling its services for much too high.

Net Registry – While not terrible, they definitely don’t meet the standard for even being considered “good”. I would avoid this hosting company.

Digital Pacific – Digital Pacific isn’t a recommended host for a number of reasons. You can read the review to find out more.

Panthur  – The only thing that Panthur is preying on is your credit card. There are better choices in our opinions.

VentraIP – For the love of fast websites, stay away.

Crazy Domain  – If the name crazy domain wasn’t a warning sign that these guys are competent hosts then I don’t know what else would be.

Zuver – Average everything but expenses prices.

Internet Security 101

With more people spending ever increasing time online the amount of information that we share and receive is rapidly rising. With that come some serious concerns for privacy. Below are some great guides about Internet Privacy and security.

Privacy Australia (VPN/Online Security Reviews) – Our friend Ryan Sperry has put together a huge list of the top free and paid VPN providers for any customers in or around Australia. Also has a wealth of other great info.