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The Cheapest Hosts in Australia 2019 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

When it comes to cheap web hosting there are lots of options out there. There is no one size fits all approach when it comes to cheap web hosting. If you’re looking for cheap web posting for a personal blog or project you’ll be looking for very different criteria that cheap while posting for a small business.

In this post we are going to look at some of the best posting options based on what their purpose or goal is. By the end of this post you’ll have a good idea of what the different options are and how they can benefit you.

First off I just want to warn anybody and tell them to stay away from web hosting solutions that offer services for under a dollar.

There are a couple reasons for avoiding these kind of cheap web house. The first one is that these commonly use shared IP which is extremely easy to be hacked or otherwise compromised. Second your website will be hosted with a lot of spam blogs that Google generally looks down upon. Third while these might be cheap they definitely aren’t good quality.

Let’s recap why the 1/2 dollar a month hosts sucks.

  • Easily Hacked
  • Unsafe
  • Bad IP Neighborhood
  • Google Will Hate You
  • Terribly Downtime
  • Bad Support

A lot of cheap web posts will have terrible uptime and atrocious downtime often being out of commission for a few minutes or even hours at a time. If reliability quality and uptime are something that is important to your business or personal blog then I would definitely urge you to stay away from any kind of cheap web hosting.

Let’s take a look at some of the different types of web posting and what they provide.

Different Kinds of Value Hosting

Shared Hosting

Think about shared hosting like living in the apartment with a lot of different people. By apartment I actually mean I P.

A shared host uses a shared IP meaning that many different websites are posted on the same IP. The logic behind shared web hosting is that no small business requires the resources of an entire server by themselves, especially if they are using a fairly undemanding CMS like a wordpress website

Image of Shared Hosting

By using a communal group of resources multiple businesses can share one dedicated IP or server to meet their traffic meets. However the solution presents a significant problem.

You have no access to the other sites hosted on that particular IP. Shared hosting is definitely the cheapest form of hosting and the majority of businesses online actually utilize shared hosting.

Shared hosts differ in quality of service and more importantly in their pricing. While it is possible to find extremely cheap shared hosting for under a dollar this is commonly referred to as SEO hosting.

SEO hosting is built to house and maintain multiple spam websites for the purposes ofSEO or link building. These services often operate on a turn and burn principle that allows these hoes to generate revenue and then simply abandon their customers.


Dedicated hosting is the opposite of shared hosting. On a dedicated host look at one IP that is assigned to your particular website. A dedicated host is actually the same as renting out physical space on a server located on a data center.

Image of Dedicated Service Hosting

Dedicated hosting is definitely the most expensive option and is not a cheap choice for most websites. I would only recommend dedicated hosting for small businesses or anyone who wants extremely reliable at the time.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting our virtual private server hosting is a mix between dedicated hosting and shared hosting. On a VPS you rent a portion of their server or IP that allows you to operate a dedicated server on the cloud.

This allows for much more robust features and a lot more bandwidth. VPS servers use droplets to create a singular IP on a cloud computer.

The PS servers are great options for anyone who is looking to host web tools or other JavaScript based programs on their website. 

Cloud flair or CDN’s call stand for content distribution networks. CDN works by forwarding your websites IP to their own unique IP that is used by thousands of different websites. Since this IP is used by so many sites it’s quite trusted by Google.

A CDN also allows you to distribute your content all over the Internet and avoid making multiple requests on the server-side for information. CDN’s are free and easy to install.

If you’re looking to use a CDN I would suggest first getting a simple shared hosting plan and then adding cloud flair onto it. This will allow for greater security speed and also anonymity.

What Kind of Cheap Hosting Works for You?

In this next section I’ll suggest which kind of cheap hosting plan is best for different people.

  1. If you’re a blogger looking to build your own simple website than I would suggest shared hosting. Shared hosting allows you to save money and scale up as your blog increases in traffic and sales. There is no need to commit to a more expensive dedicated server when the resources on a shared post or more than adequate.

  2. If you’re a small business and check out our small business guide to hosting. Small businesses also have some of the same requirements as bloggers. The majority of small businesses don’t actually get that many web visitors and their websites are built more for reference and users and they are for high traffic.  For these reasons I think shared plans are more than enough for any small business.

If your site is getting anywhere less than 3 to 4000 visitors a month any quality shared hosting plan will fit your needs. Again as your site scales up in traffic and sales move from a shared plan over to a dedicated plan.

One thing you need to be where of is that some posts all charge you to migrate sites or will charge you an arm and a leg for any potential operates like SSL or backups. Picking the right host can save you a lot of money in the future.

  • One of the most common mistakes I see a lot of small business owners make is picking the absolute cheapest host.

What happens is you save money initially but in the future as you try to add different features to your site or move it over to another host those same service providers charge you multiple service fees and add on tons of extra paid features.

By the time you’re done paying for all of these together will actually end up spending 3 to 4 times the price of the original quality shared hosting plan. 

So the moral of the lesson is don’t cheap out on web posting and try to go for the lowest priced plan. If you spend more than a couple dollars a month you’ll be getting something that’s a lot better quality.

  • Recommended Cheap Hosting for E-Commerce

If you’re in e-commerce site looking to start a new website I would stay away from shared hosting an op for a dedicated plan. E-commerce sites are heavy on graphics, media, videos and other interactive features.

These require a lot more resources and up time then shared plans are able to provide. While you might save one or two dollars a month on hosting you’ll definitely lose a lot more than that and potential sales and revenue. If you want to know more read our e-com guide

People are spoiled nowadays. Any low time that is longer than 12 seconds is going to cost people to leave your site almost immediately.

  • Importance of SSL image of SSL protected website

Another important feature to consider if you are doing e-commerce is SSL protection. SSL or secure socket layer protection creates an encrypted tunnel from your users computer to the websurfer that protects their information from hackers and otherwise malicious intent.

It’s become a requirement for any financial transaction online and most payment processors

Will flat out reject any websites that don’t have SSL. The problem with cheap posts is that they often charge upwards of $60 for installing SSL on a yearly basis.

While their base plan may be only one to two dollars you’re going to spend upwards of $50-$60 just for your SSL.

At this point I think my message is pretty clear. Yes you can get cheap web hosting but if you try to get to sheep while posting you’ll end up spending more money in the future. The thing about starting a website is you don’t know where it will go and how it will grow. We’ve seen many businesses that end up growing much further pass there. 

1. SIteground ($3.95/MONTH)

Best Overall Hosting for Price/Speed/Uptime & Unbeatable Support

Load time: 475Ms
Uptime: 99.95%
Cost: $3.99/mo
SupportLive Chat
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In terms of hosting you can’t really beat siteground. We have a ton of our client sites running on their servers and with more coming in everyday. What Siteground offers is something that other hosts can’t compete with – great service and great uptime.

While the rest of the industry has stopped innovating and caring about their customers, Siteground has kept to its core priorities. Here are some benefits of their service.

And, we are not alone. In this Siteground review at WHSR our friend Jerry has pointed out that  SiteGround has the best live chat support among all tested web hosts.

Free SSL

Free SSL is an $80/year savings alone. Any site selling digital or physical products online needs SSL and if you want your website to showup in Google, you better be SSL ready.

Best Support in Town

You can’t beat their support. Staff are all knowledgeable and extremely ready to help for any issues including technical issues or just general troubleshooting.

You can’t beat their support. Staff are all knowledgeable and extremely ready to help for any issues including technical issues or just general troubleshooting.

Great Uptime

You’ll rarely have a website that goes down with their service. Over 99.9% uptime and very little downtime.

2. A2 Hosting – Great Speed and Loading Times ($3.92/Month)

Load time: 601Ms
Uptime: 99.1%
Cost: $3.92/mo
SupportLive Chat

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a2 hosting

A2 Hosting is just as good as Siteground. They have also maintained their standards of quality and kept all their servers running up to date.  Quality service, uptime and great support.

Great Support and Technical Help

A2’s ticketing and live chat is great. Any issues that come up are addressed right away with no need to wait.  Staff are very knowledgeable about any issues that might come up.

Solid Uptime

A2’s datacenters use state of the art technology to avoid any downtime issues. The result is a host with some great uptime and rarely any website outages.

Cheap Pricing

A2 offers a lot of incentives like Free SSL and other addons. You can transition from one account to another fairly easily without issue.

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