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Panthur Hosting Review 2019

panthur logoPanthur is one of the original Australian hosts providing hosting for local businesses and bloggers for the last ten years. They market themselves as a low cost host providing reliable hosting using state of the art servers.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about Panthur other than for their bandwidth and rented servers they are definitely overpriced.

You definitely aren't getting ripped off with Panthur but there are some cheaper options available. If you're looking for an alternative to Panthur, I'd look at SiteGround or if saving money is your focus then Hostinger is a good bet. 

Let’s look into the details…

panthur logoPanthur is one of the original Australian hosts providing hosting for local businesses and bloggers for the last ten years. They market themselves as a “low cost” host providing reliable hosting using state of the art servers.

I don’t really have anything bad to say about Panthur other than for their bandwidth and rented servers they are definitely overpriced.  They are just average and there are definitely better options available. I would stay clear of this one. 

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Let’s look into the details…

Panthur Doesn’t Use Its Own Servers

  • Panthur is a reseller of bulk hosting packages/plans from another company. Let me explain how his works. Hosting is just a matter of storage and having a server to send that stored information out. The bigger the hosting servers and more memory they have the cheaper they can be, passing that discount onto their customers. Smaller companies are at a slight disadvantage compared to larger hosting providers.

  • It looks a bit like this. That guy in the middle is Panthur.

    image showing how resellers work

Panthur essential rents their servers from DedicatedServers.net.au and then sells them and provides support to their customers.

You might be thinking… so what? It works. 

Let me explain to you my concerns regarding hosting providers actually just being resellers.

  • Lack of Accountability – The service techs at Panthur can only access diagnostics and other important info via their reseller dashboard or panel. Basically they have no ability to take a close look into what is happening and that makes the server a lot more vunerable.
  • Reseller Accounts Are Cheap – Reseller accounts are cheap. You can rent them for as little as 1-2/month for a dedicated IP and when you’re buying 1000+ it’s even cheaper than that. This ensures that Panthur is working with some VERY generous margins and not really passing that discount off to you.
  • Upsells on Free Products – cPanel is the access point for any hosting platform. It allows you to configure and setup anything you want on your web server. One of the options that is included in every cPanel install is “Let’s Encrypt” an initiative started in 2014 to provide free SSL (secured socket layer) Internet to the world. You NEED SSL if you’re selling anything on your website.  Panthur will charge you $100+ for this otherwise free install.
  • Just Not Right – Imagine going to a restaurant that outsourced its own cooking. Just doesn’t seem right just as not owning and being 100% responsible for your own servers doesn’t. Especially when you’re branding yourself as a “hosting company”.

While that might seem a bit vitriolic I just wanted to share what’s really going on. With that aside let’s look at some of our data points and you can see what’s going on behind the scenes. For anyone who is new to our website you can read our main guide to web hosting here.

Technical Look at Panthur’s Hosting Setup

Uptime/Downtime/Speed Tests

First off in case your wondering what uptime/downtime is, let me explain a little. Uptime is the amount of time a website is “up” or accessible online. Good uptime would be anything about 99.5% of the time and anything below that indicates some serious problems on your host side.

Downtime is the exact opposite of that, it’s the amount of time a website is down or unable to be accessed. You’ll want to avoid anything with downtime issues.

How We Got Our Data

  • If you read our top hosting reviews you’ll see how we gather our data. We run a web design/marketing agency and provide white label solutions for a lot of businesses in Australia and overseas.  One of the biggest parts of that is providing hosting and full-service marketing for our clients.

    This gives us access to a wealth of data over the last 4 years in Australia using a multitude of hosts in different cities. When we decided to create this website to help inform Australians on their options for hosting we just used our previous data to make our top picks.

    You can see our live hosting tracking here, updated automatically 10 times per hour.

Panthur’s Test Results (From 4 Cities)

  • Sydney
    • Uptime – 97.3%
    • Speed – 654 Ms
  • Melbourne
    • Uptime – 97.1%
    • Speed – 788 Ms
  • Canberra
    • Uptime – 98.5%
    • Speed – 1021 Ms
  • Adelaide
    • Uptime – 98.1%
    • Speed – 984 Ms

OUCH! Canberra and Sydney hit a 48 month average of 97% Uptime. 🙁

To give you an understanding of how bad that is discount SEO hosts used specifically for spam websites have roughly around the same uptime.


Panthur advertises as using state-of-the-art SSD servers with Cloudflare and DDos protection. While this might seem impressive, it’s just standard. Cloudflare is free and it naturally provides DDoS protection. SSD hard drives… well…. everyone uses SSD.

They mention “BlackLotus” DDoS protection which I think is a fancy kung-fu term for regular Cloudflare CDN. Cloud flare works by varying your IP so that hackers don’t have one static IP to target.


Panthur gives you a pathetically small amount of storage compared to even discount cheap hosts. The reason for this is because as I’ve explained they are just reselling reseller accounts which are already limited in storage space. If you’re planning on having a website with any graphics or javascript design elements

Panthur Support

Panthur has good support with a live chat option and also a ticketing system. Staff seems pretty friendly and helpful. Full disclaimer – I’ve only spoken with the staff 3-4 times and those instances were for making a server specific request, blocking IPs or migrating a website.

However, I felt confident in their ability. So support definitely isn’t an issue with their service.

Panthur Pricing

Panthur is way too expensive for their service. They are charge about X3 what they should be especially given their results on our speed/uptime tests. 

I’m not sure why they haven’t adjusted their pricing to provide a more competitive model. Either way, you’re definitely overpaying if you’re using Panthur.

image showing the pricing for panthur web host

Few Final Thoughts On Panthur

You might think I’m a pretty critical guy especially if you take a look at my VentraIP and Pacific Digital review. When it comes to web hosting I am critical because I know what kind of margins these big companies are working with and how much most of them are screwing their local customer base.

I’ll all about paying for higher quality service and in some cases it makes sense but when you’re providing mediocre at best outsourced hosting to customers and then uncharging them for free software all the while maintaining the same horrendous uptime over 4 years it makes me feel a tad squeamish.

I don’t recommend Panthur at all. They are overpriced and don’t deliver anywhere near the quality for the price.

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