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Zyro Review 2022

Nathan Finch——Last Updated on September 2, 2022

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Zyro is an intuitive and powerful website builder created for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and hobbyists who want to sell goods online. The website building platform comes with many great features at an attractive price point. Check out the full Zyro review below to see if the website builder is right for you.

Best website builder for small businesses and entrepreneurs  

  • Intuitive website builder
  • AI tools
  • Great affordability


  • Intuitive Interface
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Storage
  • AI tools
  • Free hosting with all plans


  • No free tier
  • Can’t switch templates after publishing your site
  • Blogging tools could use more features

What is a Website Builder?

Website builders are online platforms that make it easy for people to create and publish a website. You can get a website created and published on the internet in just a few quick steps—set up an account with a platform, choose a template, add content, and publish your site.

Most website builders also offer more than just the act of building a website. They also allow you to host your website there, update the design and content, write blogs, post media, and even sell products through your website.  

Why Use a Website Builder?

Traditionally, building a website required extensive technical knowledge and experience. All websites are a combination of HTML, CSS, and one or several other programming languages like PHP, JavaScript, or Java. However, with website builders, there is no need to know such technologies as the website builder will create the necessary code based on the template and customizations you’ve made.

Website builders are also much more cost-effective options to publish a website. You don’t have to pay a team of developers or designers to create a custom website from scratch. Rather, you can find a template you like and customize it yourself. From there, updating and maintaining your website through the platform of your choice is simple. Overall, website builders are more accessible, more affordable, and easier to maintain.

Why Choose Zyro as Your Website Builder?

Zyro is a well-established website builder that comes with numerous attractive features all for a competitive price. The platform has several professionally built templates that look great straight out of the box. From there, users can utilize a drag-and-drop editor to customize templates to their liking. The platform also makes it easy to add media, write blogs, and update content.

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On top of standard website builder features, Zyro also has features like advanced AI tools. Users will find tools like the AI writer, logo maker, AI heatmap, and image resizer to be excellent additions. Finally, Zyro offers users 24/7 customer support and a 30-day money-back guarantee to ensure all users are content with their services. Check out the full Zyro website builder review below.

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Our Rating Process

By testing Zyro firsthand and exploring other users’ Zyro reviews, we have been able to come up with four main criteria for scoring the website builder that we believe are crucial to any potential customer.

Check out the scores below to see how easy it is to build a website with Zyro, how good the E-commerce features are, what kind of uptime the website has, and how effective the customer support is.

Ease of Building a Website – 5/5

In our Zyro review, we found the website builder is a powerful builder that uses AI to generate templates or lets users build templates from scratch. From there, customizing the website through the Zyro website builder tools is an enjoyable experience thanks to numerous tools like drag-and-drop, a grid interface, and auto-save.

E-Commerce Features – 4/5

Zyro offers a basic e-commerce plan, called the Business Plan, that has features like order tracking, inventory management, and more. Compared to other competitors like Bluehost or Shopify, Zyro seems to lack some features and capability.

Uptime – 5/5

While it’s easy to focus on the website-building aspect of Zyro, we found the uptime scores of the free hosting included with a plan impressive. Zyro has a 99.99% uptime score and ensures that all websites hosted with them will always be available.

Customer Support – 4/5

Zyro has a customer service team that can be contacted via live chat and email 24/7, however, the term 24/7 doesn’t mean you will get an answer immediately at all hours of the day. The website builder also has a knowledge database where you can search questions and find answers.

Package and Pricing Comparison



Price per month



Free domain for 1 year



Google Analytics



24/7 customer support



Sell up to 500 products



30-day money-back guarantee



Technical / Product Details

Supported Languages



All major operating systems for computers and mobile devices

Restricted Countries


Customer Support

24/7 via live chat and email

Supported Payments

20+ payments for e-commerce sites

Currencies Supported

All currencies supported


Is Zyro a good website builder?

After completing a thorough Zyro website builder review, we can confidently say that Zyro is a good website builder. Zyro makes building a website easy as there are plenty of tools and templates to make the process quick. On top of designing a website, Zyro offers e-commerce and blogging features to make it a great all-around option for anyone who’s looking to improve their online presence, sell products, or start a hobby website.

Is Zyro free with Hostinger?

Zyro is a subsidiary of Hostinger, yet they are still two different entities that require two different accounts. To use Zyro, you must sign up for a website plan with a credit card and pay a monthly fee. The website builder does offer a sort of free trial as each plan includes a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the platform.

Is Zyro good for blogs?

Zyro offers an easy-to-use blogging experience where users can take advantage of blog templates or create a new one from scratch. The blog editor allows users to add elements such as social media links, images, buttons, and more. Plus, Zyro offers AI tools like a blog title generator and an AI writer to help publish content quicker. However, Zyro is not as feature-packed as other blogging giants like WordPress or Bluehost.