Hey, thanks for checking out our bio page.

I’m Lucas the founder of this site. I created it as a resource for newbie bloggers and small businesses looking to start their own online website.  Our reasoning was pretty simple – to help people save money and not get locked into a terrible host.

Our site was previously Simple Cloud, a simple to use white label API for enterprise clients looking to integrate software solutions into existing POS systems. After running that business for a number of years, the market really shrunk as more companies started building their own proprietary systems. In 2015 we decided to switch our existing business model and build our design agency and also Aussie Hosting.


Let’s me explain what I think of the hosting world.

First a little bit of history. Most hosts started as domain registers in the early 1990s, they were charging $29.99 and above to register a domain and many of them still are. They quickly realized that most people never end up changing their domain register and up-selling existing clients on web hosting was a very lucrative way to cash in on long-term case.

The problem was they provided the absolute worst hosting you can imagine. Outdated technology running on old software was a recipe for data loss, hacking and terrible support. After about 4-5 years of dealing with a lot of these hosts for our clients we decided to make a new rule – all new clients must switch to one of our recommended hosts.

We created this guide as a way to explain our top choices to both potential clients and online visitors.



Lucas Johnson is a web developer with an extension background in front-end development and PHP plugin builds. He lives in Sydney with his wife and is what most of you would consider an uber nerd. His favorite book is Ready Player One.


Spencer Johnson is a wannabe scientist. Well, actually he is a scientist with a background in statistics and data analysis Spencer worked as an analyst for some major fintech startups before transitioning to work with Lucas. He’s an avid BJJ practitioner and surfer.

That’s us in a nutshell. If you have any questions about hosting or what they offer just send us a message via the contact form. Thanks!